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setsuren's Journal

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ク リ ミ ナ ル ・ ド リ マ
27 September
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welcome to setsuren's japanese rock auctions, please glance through the terms and conditions below before bidding, thank you!

1. All prices stated are final and strictly NON-NEGOTIABLE.

2. All items sold are opened in mint condition, unless otherwise stated.

3. Auctions will end on June 30th, 12.00pm Singapore Time.

4. Please do NOT post questions or comments on the auction item pages, for any
enquiries please email me here. If you'd like more
details / photos of any item, please email me as well.

5. Please bid accordingly on the appropriate page in the format given below.

Item name:
Bid price:

6. All errorneus bids will be ignored and subsequently deleted.

7. In the event that someone else has already bidded for an item that you plan to bid on,
please reply to that post with an increased bid. Do not make a separate post.

8. Winning bidders will be notified via a confirmation post and through email, so
please enter a valid email address. They will then get in touch with jiayan
for payment and shipping.

Payment & Shipping Concerns | credit:jiayan

1. The entire payment and shipping process will be handled by jiayan

2. Payment forms accepted are International Postal Money Order and concealed cash
via registered mail. Other methods will be negotiable on a case-by-case basis.

3. Shipping costs are NOT included. Shipping charges will vary depending on the
buyer's location and choice of shipping method. All items will be shipped from Singapore
by a secure form of shipping. Shipping methods will be arranged.

4. Items will only be sent after payment has been recieved.

5. Please allow some time for items to be shipped.

Questions can be directed here, for payment & shipping concerns please email jiayan directly.

Thank you very much!

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